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We work closely with the local community to improve animal welfare.

Building a Future for Animals in Malawi

Animal welfare is rarely considered a priority among the majority of the country's subsistence farming population. Farm animals suffer due to lack of veterinary services as there is only 1 veterinary assistant assigned to 15 000 farming households in the country.  Rapid expansion into urban areas leads to animals being transported in terrible conditions and pets rarely receive health care or mandatory vaccinations.  The LSPCA's Veterinary Clinic and Centre for Animal Welfare provide the highest standards of veterinary care, veterinary training and education in Malawi as well as policy advice and support to enforce Malawi's Animal Protection Act. 

Our longstanding international partnership with  Welttierschutzgesellschaft (Germany), the Donkey Sanctuary Project (UK) and the RSPCA International make it possible to transform the lives of animals and people in Malawi, every day and in many different ways.

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