About Us


The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) was originally conceived by individuals concerned about the state of animal welfare in the country and in 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security gave its full support for an animal welfare charity. With the kind support of the RSPCA International, the Trust was registered and inaugurated as a charity in 2010, becoming the first of its kind in Malawi. From the inception to date, the organisation has gone through a series of transformation and has been involved in various projects pertinent to both animal and human livelihoods. Through these various activities, several milestones have been reached that are worth mentioning below. The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals is a registered Charity (number TR/INC 4844, registered 14th October 2010) operating under the Ministry of Agriculture through the Animal Protection Act in the Laws of Malawi.

Organization Overview

The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals is a Lilongwe-based non-profit organisation dedicated to animal welfare and instilling a culture of animal care and compassion in the general public of Malawi through public awareness, school education, public awareness and advocacy, the promotion the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act and proactive community veterinary animal support. We run free community veterinary clinics in and out of Lilongwe play a pivotal role in National and Lilongwe annual rabies vaccination campaigns jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lilongwe City Council respectively.
Our veterinary clinic is open to the public and all funds raised through this service support all the aforementioned programmes in the underprivileged communities as well as complement the rescue/confiscation and rehoming programme. We are currently the first and still the only animal welfare organisation in Malawi.