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Who We Are

Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) was set up in 2008 when the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security gave their backing to a group of individuals who were concerned about the level of welfare given to animals in Malawi. With the additional support of RSPCA International, LSPCA then became a registered charity (no. TR/INC 4844) on the 14th October 2010, becoming the first domestic animal welfare organisation in Malawi.

We are a non-profit organisation based in Lilongwe dedicated to veterinary care and animal welfare, building compassion for animals in Malawi through public awareness campaigns , humane education, veterinary support and by promoting the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act.  

Our veterinary clinic is open to the public and all funds raised through our clinic support our on-going community veterinary projects as well as our rescue, confiscation and rehoming programme.


Our mission is to create greater awareness within Malawi and the region of the animal welfare issues for all animals through targeted animal welfare education, veterinary training and the provision of veterinary care for all animals. We aim to support the local authorities to enforce animal welfare legislation, support the development of new regulations, by laws and legislation and provide a voice for animals in Malawi.


We aspire to live in a world that provides for both optimum animal welfare and human livelihoods.

Our Partners

Inglis Vets Care and Save
The Donkey Sanctuary
World Animal Net
Vetenerians Without Borders
Lilongwe City Council
Animal Aid Abroad
World Animal Day
Project V.E.T.S.