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LSPCA participates in 2019 International Hoof Care Week

Hoof Care Week1

Donkeys are of significant importance to many lives of people in rural areas here in Malawi. It is very paramount to keep donkey’s health status in check, a healthier donkey lives long. Attending to the feet of donkeys is one of the basic health care practice which helps donkeys to carry their day to day tasks with ease.

In honouring the 2019 international hoof care week, a week dedicated to caring for the hoofed animals, the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) recently gave free pedicures to donkeys, and offered free farrier education to donkey owners in Masonga-Lilongwe.

This year’s event which was earmarked from 22-25 January, was celebrated globally in honouring health care of hoofed animals especially the donkeys and horses. The event was celebrated under the theme: where foot care comes first.

The LSPCA with support from Donkey Sanctuary UK works alongside the Ministry of Agriculture to improve the welfare of donkeys in Malawi. As part of LSPCA’s programme, LSPCA’s Donkey Sanctuary Project (DSP) officer, Esimy Chioza, reflect on the need for animal pedicures.

“Donkey hoofs left unchecked and uncared for can cause severe soreness and even lameness of donkeys. It is therefore very important that donkey hoofs are regularly and properly maintained.” Said Chioza.

Experienced hoof care professionals around Lilongwe, under mentorship of LSPCA and supervision of Assistant Veterinary Officer from Ministry of Agriculture, attended the international hoof-care event to teach donkey owners on how they can take care of their donkey’s hoofs as one way of improving donkey’s welfare.

Hoof Care Week2

Basic hoof care aims at improving the health of donkey’s feet and make the cost of farrier services to go down tremendously.

Donkey owners in Masonga-Lilongwe welcomed the 2019 hoof care week, and hails LSPCA for teaching them to the latest cutting-edge ideas to boost their donkey profitability, healthy, efficiency, and hoof care skills.

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