Humane Education/ Animal Kindness Clubs

Humane Education/ Animal Kindness ClubsWe run Humane Education lessons in all public schools in Lilongwe. The lessons aim to promoting compassion towards animals in pupils and instil a sense of responsibility to the well-being of the animals under their care. These classes narrow the very wide knowledge gulf between the correct handling and basic care of animals and the norms in our society. Also we dispel the several traditional myths and beliefs that impact on perceptions held in certain communities about animals. Our education programmes aim to reach out to school going children and orient their thinking to cause an attitude change and in both the individuals and the society they live in. This year, LSPCA has shifted to formation of clubs in all the participating schools in Lilongwe. Through the kind support of the National Council of SPCAs, we have so far established 11 Animal Kindness Clubs and look to roll this out to the rest of the 54 schools in Lilongwe. Through this Humane Programme we reach over 6,000 pupils and 100 trainers through the year!