Policy and Legislation on Animal Welfare

Policy and Legislation on Animal WelfareWe are involved alongside the Ministry of Agricultures through the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development and the Malawi Police Services in the Promoting and Reviewing the Animal welfare Law of Malawi. Whilst Animal Protection Act was enacted in 1970, this was largely ignored or not prioritised. In 2011, a national police sensitization workshop was help at the Police Headquarters. The result of this was a big revelation to the police of the existence of the law and bore immediate results. This was supported by the RSPCA International and the Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom.

We shall have an extra police and magistrates’ workshop both in Blantyre and Lilongwe in early October. This will bolster all the efforts that have gone into the promotion and execution of the animal protection act.

In a related matter, LSPCA and the Ministry of Agriculture are working on the substantiation of the Animal Protection Act. This is going to be through the stakeholders meeting to deliberate on the schedules as advised by the Ministry of Agriculture before it is legalised.

Also LSPCA is instrumental in the formation of the Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA) whose mandate is to coordinate all animal welfare activities in Africa, lobby government through the African Union, and establish the Africa Animal Welfare Declaration.