LSPCA Veterinary Clinic

LSPCA Veterinary ClinicThe LSPCA Veterinary Clinic located on Acacia Road in Area 9 provides a high standard of veterinary care at affordable costs, or free to those who are unable to pay. We have a well-equipped clinic and can provide ultrasound scans, x rays, blood tests, gas anesthetics dentistry, orthopedic procedures as well as routine services such as vaccinations and preventative treatments. Our hospitalization facilities ensure we can provide intensive care if your animal needs to stay in the clinic overnight.

The veterinary team comprises of two veterinarians, two nurses, an animal welfare career and front office staff. We often have visiting vets who can also offer more specialized procedures.

Our clinic provides an excellent veterinary service to Lilongwe and also generates the necessary funds to enable LSPCA to run free veterinary clinics around the City which treat animals in underprivileged communities. This is an essential service since there are very few vets in Malawi and many animal owners have no access to veterinary care for their animals which they rely on for both food and income.

The clinic also provides free veterinary care to all rescued animals, which are cared for on-site while we try to find them loving new homes through our adoption programme.