Volunteering Opportunities

We offer a unique and exciting volunteer programme. LSPCA gives you the opportunity to utilise your animal skills in a practice setting as well as in the field, but most importantly this gives you the opportunity to avail your time to communities that greatly treasure your expertise and professional training. The LSPCA volunteer programme is also a fundraising opportunity that provides some funds to further our cause to the communities that would otherwise not be able to afford the veterinary services that are offered. Therefore by joining the programme, you will be donating to a worthy cause. We have several programmes that volunteers may contribute towards, including:

Community Spay and Neuter Clinics:

Qualified vets are allowed to undertake these procedures after prior clearance from the Malawi Veterinary Board. Prior submission of academic certificates to the LSPCA helps secure this permission prior to the volunteer’s arrival. Veterinary student and animal caring volunteers are also given an opportunity to participate in other adjunct procedures under supervision of the LSPCA or a designated field vet. This is an exciting programme for most of the volunteers, helping to build their professional and surgical confidence while serving as an opportunity to offer professional time to both animals and communities in need. Spay and neuter clinics are conducted every Tuesdays and Wednesday at remote locations.

Mass Rabies Vaccination Campaigns

Annual Mass Rabies Vaccination Clinics are run through the city of Lilongwe. Here, volunteers form part the 100 strong team of volunteers (both local and international) that commit to comb the city vaccinating animals. The activities involve significant publicity undertakings (including social media), dog capture, GIS mapping and planning, door to door vaccination, identification of dogs, surveillance, data collection and many other activities. This is a perfect opportunity for groups of university students. Lots of fun and cultural experiences. The exercise commences annually onWorld Rabies Day.

Veterinary Clinic

LSPCA runs a western type veterinary clinics to spice up the community veterinary outreach for those professionals that feel that their services are best utilised in a controlled environment away from the uncertainties of field veterinary practice. This is a charitable practice that has been opened for paying clients to offer a veterinary service at a competitive rate to support the trust’s work in underprivileged communities. The clinic has an ultrasound, x-ray machine, isoflurane, oxygen intensifier, mini-lab (vet-test idexx), dental machine and all the basic requirements of a veterinary practice.

Stray Dog Population Control

Volunteers can help in the catching, sterilisation, marking and releasing of dogs. This programme is run remotely, whereby dogs are transferred to a makeshift surgery in the field and released after getting sterilised, dewormed and vaccinated. The programme is run for two days each fortnight.

Animal Kindness Clubs

Volunteers may accompany LSPCA’s education team as part of our Humane Education Work. Volunteers are encouraged to innovate and engage in this very important role of raising the pupil’s compassion through various activities including games, illustrations and presentations. This requires full-time commitment but has the advantage of providing plenty of opportunity for interaction and play with kids.

Community Farm Days

As part of our mandate, LSCPA supports rural communities to improve the welfare of their animals so as to boost production and raise their livelihoods. Every farm day brings a new adventure, with typical animals encountered including donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, you name it… Volunteers get to see parts of the countryside they might not otherwise see, experiencing the cultural novelty and society setting of rural Malawi. This also allows volunteers the opportunity to see the kind of livestock that people keep for food and how they keep them – you may be surprised!

Animal Prosecution and Confiscations

This is one of the most exciting and satisfying opportunities for volunteers, as it involves working with our staff and the police to rescue animals from bad situations. These operations may sometimes involve arresting animal violators by the Police, and LSPCA does not endanger volunteers in swoops that would involve arrests. However, volunteers have the opportunity to care for the animals while at the centre. This involves feeding, cleaning, training and socialising with them to improve their chances of getting adopted. The process requires that animal records are updated routinely for all the veterinary and behavioural notes as well as sharing on social media for potential adopters.  

Donkey Work

This is a new and exciting opportunity that we are undertaking with the support of the Donkey Sanctuary in Malawi. Like the farm days this will give volunteers the opportunity to get down with the locals and support them with the managing of their donkeys. Donkeys are often neglected animals in Malawi but with ironically a very crucial role as draft power. LSPCA is working with the communities to acknowledge and nurture this energy to the benefit of the rural communities with due attention provided to the donkey in return.

Other notable attractions, especially for those that enjoy events and publicity drives are the world spay day (mid-February), World Animal Day (4th October), LSPCA Shaggy Dog Show (August), World Rabies Day (28th September), LSPCA Clinic Open day, Monthly Cake Sales etc……

Should you choose to join our volunteer programme, kindly fill in our online volunteer application form or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also download our volunteer handbook for a deeper insight. As a volunteer, if you choose to take up a placement with us, you will be offered accommodation and amenities on site. This is a basic facility with hot water, free WiFi and other utilities but you will be required to purchase your own dinner. You may join the staff for lunch if and whenever you fancy some local dishes.

Should you require more information on this please download our volunteer information pack, which includes an overview of volunteer fees and general information that you will require for the placement.

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