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Easing donkey discomfort through correct handling techniques.

Mr Phiri

Proper donkey handling is an essential part of good animal husbandry. It benefits the animals you care for, and creates a desirable working atmosphere between the two. Proper handling techniques help maintain production quality and effectively reduces stress on donkeys as well as people. It also reduces stress on facilities and equipment and leads to better management of your farm or household.

The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) together with Donkey Sanctuary Project-UK teaches donkey owners and donkey care takers on good donkey handling techniques as one way of improving welfare of donkeys in Malawi.

Traditionally, in Malawi donkeys are frequently subjected to overloading, beating, injuries and compelled for long working hours. It is regrettable that these animals are not well cared for, thus reducing their draught capabilities. 

LSPCA emphasizes that proper donkey handling is the responsibility of every donkey owner, caretaker and person working with donkeys. Donkey owners and donkey care takers around Dedza and Lilongwe now understands that donkeys need to be handled quietly, with care and patience, to avoid injury, pain or distress.

LSPCA aims at making sure that donkey handling and restraining devices are used humanely by experienced operatives and with regard to the donkey’s natural movement, temperament and physical capabilities.

LSPCA with support from the Donkey Sanctuary UK continues to provide veterinary care, education and support to 1000's of donkeys and their owners each year.  Through our effort donkey owners and donkey care takers in Malawi are now able to make tethering hobbles safe enough not to harm tethered donkeys, pack saddles and harnesses to improve performance of donkeys when pulling carts, and confidently use a hand tool to establish the welfare of their donkeys and seek advice or veterinary care at the right moment.

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