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Communities participation in rabies surveillance and remedial vaccinations.

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Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) launches a new approach to control the spread of rabies in Lilongwe throughout the whole year.  We will deliver continuous vaccination of dogs and cats and Community Based Response Surveillance (CBRS) in high risk areas of the city.

Following 4 years of successful mass rabies vaccinations in Lilongwe, as recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO), we will now deliver a more targeted approach to control the spread of rabies and to ensure we do not fall victim to a false sense of achievement by only vaccinating easy to reach dogs during mass rabies vaccination campaigns.

Pet owning communities in Areas 22,23,24,25,36,49,50,56 and 57 will be able to vaccinate their dogs and cats throughout the year at pop up sites in their areas.  The same communities will support the LSPCA’s rabies surveillance by reporting suspected cases to the LSPCA team for follow up support. Anyone can access the tollfree number 172 to report suspected dogs with rabies. Areas with high numbers of dogs and fast-growing dog populations, have specifically been chosen to roll out this new approach to help us find the animals who carry and transmit the virus. Once a dog has tested positive for rabies, LSPCA will conduct a remedial door to door vaccination drive around the site where the rabies was found to prevent the disease from spreading.

LSPCA has the full support of committed and engaged Rabies Action Groups in all 9 areas (community police, block leaders, chiefs, market representatives, school representatives and health surveillance assistants). These action groups will serve as focal groups for LSPCA in the community and will meet at regular intervals to include communities in all aspects of rabies surveillance, control, information exchange and monitoring.

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