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Communities embrace continuous rabies vaccinations

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We all know that vaccinating our dogs regularly keeps them and also keeps our families safe from rabies? Rabies is a deadly disease of the nervous system which affects both humans and animals.

Though rabies being a deadly disease, it is also 100% preventable through vaccination. This is why Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) continues to offer more targeted rabies vaccination in some parts of Lilongwe.

Through its vaccination pop up sites which operate 8 hours a day, and 6 times a week, dog owners in Area 36, 25,49, and Chinsapo in Lilongwe are now happy because they are able to easily get rabies vaccine for their dogs throughout the year. Dog owners are now vaccinating their dogs in large numbers because they now take responsibility of vaccinating their pets.

Since LSPCA launched its continuous rabies vaccination programme in high risky areas of Lilongwe, more than 5000 dogs have already been vaccinated at the pop up vaccination sites. These high risk areas have been identified based on dog bite data obtained from the District Health Office and the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development.

LSPCA’s hotline toll free number- 172 allows dog owners to report any problem dogs and dog bite incidences. Using the same hotline, dog owners can now call to inquire about the location of rabies vaccination pop up sites in their area.

Remember: puppies can carry rabies too! Vaccinate all your dogs.

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