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Vets United Programme improves animal health, creates better livelihood for farmer families in Malawi.

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Fatsani Phiri is a small scale pig farmer from Malawi. He lives in Mpingu, a trading centre just outside Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.

Fatsani keeps pigs, both local and exotic breeds, with an intention to sell them once they grow. He is one of the reliable pig farmers who supply pork to city residents in Lilongwe. Fatsani has been in pig farming business for at least five years now.

Even with so many years in pig farming business, Fatsani’s pig income always fell short. Profits realized from his pigs were never enough to feed and care for his wife and five children. The reason was that his pigs were always stunted and underweight, they often fell sick. Many of his pigs were constantly dying, his business was at the edge of collapsing.

“My pigs, especially the piglets are always unhappy and do not like to eat- I always have dead pigs in my pigsty” said Fatsani.

The only solution was to seek veterinary support for his pigs. The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) with support from WTS-Germany runs VETS UNITED Animal welfare training programme offering weekly village consultations to livestock farmers.  Satisfied by what the programme had already done in his village, Fatsani brought his pigs to be checked by the visiting vets and students. He hoped that the veterinarians would help his pigs get better, in turn boost his family income.

The students, under the supervision of qualified veterinarians, examined the pigs, took faecal and blood samples. They also examined the feed and pig housing at this farmer’s house. The major findings were that the pigs had a heavy worm burden and they were being fed very little feed with low nutritive value. All the pigs and piglets were dewormed, the owner was advised on the type and quantity of feed to give. In addition, the students also demonstrated how the pigsty should be cleaned on a daily basis.

After receiving veterinary support and following all advice about his pig stock, Fatsani is a happy person today. His pigs are very healthy and growing strong. He is not worried about his pigs getting sick as it was before. He is expecting to make huge profits from his current stock.

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