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LSPCA celebrates 2021 International Hoof Care Week


Protecting and strengthening donkey hooves helps avoid additional health issues, discomfort, and pain in donkeys as well as potential long-term implications. Attending to the feet of donkeys is one of the basic health care practice which helps donkeys to carry their day-to-day tasks with ease.

In honouring the 2021 International hoof Care Week, the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care for Animals (LSPCA) with support from the Donkey Sanctuary-UK, facilitated a hands-on training in Yepa-Lilongwe to share knowledge of donkey hoof care trimming and best practices. 

International Hoof-Care Week is an event that is celebrated globally in honouring the health care of hoofed animals especially donkeys and horses. This year’s event which was celebrated from 21-24 January 2021 attracted a total of 22 donkey owners and donkey care-takers and have been trained on donkey hoof trimming and hoof management. 

Mr. Phiri a veterinary officer and moderator of the training emphasized the need for the training; donkey hooves left unchecked can cause severe pain and lameness in donkeys. Strong, solid, and healthy hooves are the foundation of a healthy donkey. A healthier donkey works with ease and benefits its owner.

Donkeys are of significant importance to many lives of people in rural areas here in Malawi. In rural Malawi and increasingly on the outskirts of the city, donkeys are used to do the jobs of trucks and tractors. Transporting goods using donkeys make it possible for impoverished families to earn a living. It is very paramount to keep the donkey’s health status in check, a healthier donkey lives long. 

Donkey owners and donkey caretakers in Yepa-Lilongwe now understand that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to the health of their donkeys. Responsible hoof care among other things involves a nutritious diet with high-quality forage and grain, regular trimming, and a clean and sanitary living environment.

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