LSPCA is always looking for volunteers, whether it be from international volunteers who want to come for a month to improve their profession skills or gain experience for their degree, students wanting to gain animal welfare experience for their school placements or someone from the local community who has a couple of hours each week wanting to dedicate their time to improving the welfare of animals. We will give you the opportunity to utilise your skills (whether that be medical, behavioural or likewise) in a veterinary practice, animal shelter and in the field. Most importantly though, it gives you the opportunity to dedicate your time and passion to communities that greatly appreciate your expertise, professional training and commitment to animal welfare.


The main projects which you can get involve in include:

1.The Veterinary Clinic and Field work

This department of LSPCA is always in high demand by volunteers, clients and local communities. You will be required to help our private clinic run as efficiently as possible but also partake in our community clinics in the field with minimal equipment. A good night’s sleep and a true passion for animal health and welfare is essential. Our skilled, friendly and passionate vet team welcome volunteers and our combined animal welfare and clinic operations offer EMS students and international & local volunteers an exciting programme:

  • A busy clinic and veterinary hospital, a cattery, rehoming shelter and boarding kennels
  • Interaction with LUANAR’s  BVM students during clinic and field work
  • Three visits per week to farming communities with cows, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys, ducks and pigs, to conduct farm clinics
  • Weekly spay/neuter and primary health clinics for animals as part of our  urban dog population management programme
  • EMS placements are supervised by the LSCPA Veterinary Advisor


2. Rehoming Shelter

Our rehoming shelter consists of quarantine kennels, rehoming kennels and a cattery. We continually strive to be a leading example in how to care for domestic animals so there is a clear daily routine where cleanliness, canine training and feline enrichment are paramount, and adoption is heavily encouraged to the public. We rely heavily on volunteers to take our dogs for walks and to train them, to groom our cats, handle our kittens and to generally give all of our shelter animals some well-deserved love.


3. Humane Education

LSPCA is currently piloting the first ever national humane welfare project in Lilongwe and Dedza, aiming to change the attitude of children towards their fellow human beings and their environment (including animals). Upon completion in July 2017, LSPCA, World Animal Net and other organisations will lobby for its implementation into main school curriculum! You will assist in planning and delivering lessons to school children of ages 9 to 13 years, using interactive teaching techniques only and writing monthly education reports.


4. Annual Community Projects

Our Rabies Campaign occurs from July to August each year, where you will work within a team vaccinating dogs & cats against rabies, collecting data on the animals vaccinated and visiting schools to educate children about rabies and what to do if they are bitten by a dog. This is an intense campaign but vital to Malawi as rabies kills nearly 500 Malawians per year (according to WHO, with 45% being children and 99% of human rabies cases contracted from rabid dog bites.


5. Fundraising

LSPCA holds three major fundraisers throughout the year (the BMIS Lilongwe Triathlon, Dog Walk and Formal Ball) to promote animal welfare and to raise funds for our rehoming shelter. You will assist in organising and planning events, publicise, gain sponsorship and ensure the fundraiser operates smoothly on the day. We also hold a fundraising stall each month at Woodland’s Farmers Market which requires a lot of baking and toy making! If you would like to help with any of these events, please contact us. 



Should you wish to join our volunteer programme, kindly fill in our online volunteer application form or email info@lilongwespca.org for further information. Upon initial contact we will send you our Volunteer Information Pack which will provide a much deeper insight into LSPCA and our work. Hopefully, this has inspired you to volunteer and we look forward to hearing from you soon!