Thank you for support! Know that however much you decide to give, your kind donation will not go unmissed and will help us to care for many domestic and farm animals!

A donation of MK2,500 ($4/£3) will vaccinate a dog or cat against rabies in our annual Rabies Campaign

A donation of MK5,000 ($9/£6) will buy a set of colouring pencils and books for our Human Education Pilot or a bag of cat food

A donation of MK10,000 ($18/£13) will buy one bag of dog food         

A donation of MK25,000 ($45/£31) will

A donation of MK50,000 ($90/£62) 

A donation of MK100,000 ($181/£125) will cover the cost of screening, sterilising and vaccinating one dog or two cats in our rehoming programme, preparing them for adoption 

A donation of MK400,000 ($551/£425) will feed our entire rehoming shelter (including quarantine) for one month