Sponsor A Project

Whilst LSPCA loves its home and the projects that we run, we feel that with your support we can make our facilities, university programmes and community projects that much more special! In return, we will ensure you get full recognition for your generosity and support through our social media, E-Newletters and other outlets.

  • Sponsor a Secondary School Class Visit
  • Sponsor a visit from veterinary medical students
  • Sponsor a Community Spay Day (MK300,000)
  • Sponsor a Community Farm Clinic (MK255,000)
  • Sponsor a Community Donkey Clinic
  • Sponsor a Donkey for a year (MK360,000)
  • Sponsor a Kennel for a year (MK300,000)
  • Sponsor a Cattery for a year (MK100,000)