LSPCA is the partner of choice for the Lilongwe City Council and the Department of Animal Health and Livestock development to deliver the city-wide annual rabies campaign. Since 2013 LSPCA has vaccinated more than 100 000 dogs!

Rabies vaccination Chinsapo

Our annual urban rabies vaccination campaign is a grueling month-long activity aimed at vaccinating 70% of the urban dog population as recommended by the World Health Organisation.  A team of 36 vaccinate, mark, and capture data at 56 vaccination sites in the city. We partner with Welttierschutzgesellschaft in Germany, the Lilongwe City Council, the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, broadcast media, and public health authorities.

Key elements of our campaign:

  • Working with a team of local staff, students, and international volunteers, we aim to vaccinate at least 70% of Lilongwe’s dog population against rabies, recommended by the World Health Organisation as a proven means of preventing rabies in people. 
  • Our smartphone app (designed by Imperial College London) is used to track vaccination coverage and to provide valuable scientific data on the rabies situation and the dog population in Lilongwe.
  • Our education campaign teaches children about the dangers of rabies and how to behave around dogs to prevent dog bites through visually effective posters and interactive presentations. During the month of July 2016, LSPCA reached more than 60,000 children in Lilongwe.
  • LSPCA’s veterinary manager, Dr. Tino Razemba, provides veterinary infrastructure, running animal welfare and handling courses for all staff, veterinary students, and international volunteers involved in the campaign.

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You'll find us in Kanengo, on the outskirts of Lilongwe city. When driving from the city centre on the M1, pass Kapani and continue for 400 metres, you'll see our signpost on the left. We are located approximately 200 metres before the turn off to Salima.

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